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How to Prevent and Take Care of Yourself from Menstrual Acne or Hormonal Acne?

Nov 26, 2020

How to prevent and take care of yourself from menstrual acne or hormonal acne. It’s easy to do but difficult to do at the same time, because it is entirely up to yourself whether you have enough discipline to follow or not.

Wash your face thoroughly: a simple, basic step that many people cannot do, but if anyone is meticulous in the cleansing process, this will be able to prevent acne a lot.

Use facial tissues instead of towels: since you use tissue to wipe up once, you throw it away. And, to wipe again you will need a new one. Thus, it’s clean every time you use it. But vice versa, our towel is not replaced every time it is used, making it a good source of bacteria and increasing the chance of emerging acne.

Change pillow cases often: Pillowcases are a common source of bacteria, as much as towels. Because when we sleep, bacteria and oil from your hair and your face can attach to the pillowcase. Therefore, changing the pillow case frequently can reduce the chance of acne breakouts.

Drink a lot of water: Drinking lots of water will not only balance your body and your hormonal system, but also help the sebaceous glands to produce less oil. This is because when your skin has enough water to nourish, the sebaceous glands will produce less oil. It reduces the chance of acne.

Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber: Have you ever noticed that most people with onstipation have acne problems? Therefore, eating fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber ill help your digestive system work better to reduce the acne.

Get enough rest: Adequate rest has a positive effect on all body systems, including our hormone systems. When your hormone system works normally, chances of menstrual acne or hormonal acne will be reduced.

Avoid touching your face: because your hands and nails are rich in bacteria. Therefore, by avoiding touching the face, it can greatly reduce the chance of acne.

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