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12 Basic Hair Care Methods Easy To Do, Save Money and Get Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Nov 26, 2020

1. Do not wash your hair every day.
Do you know that washing your hair every day does not help hair as healthy as you think? On the other hand, washing your hair every day will damage your hair, weakening it. This is because the fat coating on your hair is washed away. In the long term it can lead to a dry scalp which causes dandruff easily. When you know this, stop washing your hair every day. Washing your hair every other day is enough.

2. Nourish hair with conditioner every time after shampooing.

After every hair wash, girls should nourish their hair with conditioner, because the conditioner will help close the hair scales after shampooing. This makes hair soft, beautiful, shiny, volumized, non-frizzy and also helps prevent dry and damaged hair from being exposed to heat as well.

3. Comb your hair gently.

Even if you are in a rush, you should not comb your hair too quickly and too hard. Hair should be combed gently. Otherwise, your hair will probably fall out as a grip. You should also avoid combing your hair while it is wet, because it is a time when the roots are weak. If anyone has frequent hair loss or thin hair, try to observe your own behavior of combing. Then, hurry and fix it.

4. Choose good hair products.

Nowadays, there are many different brands of shampoos, conditioners, and hair products to choose. So, when going to buy one each time, always read the label to see the ingredients, properties, and choose one that is right for your hair type.This simple method will keep your hair free of problems and not regretting spending money, since now the hair products are not cheap at all.

5. Hair treatment with egg treatment

Egg is a kitchen ingredient that can help nourish and restore hair as well. Try bringing an egg to beat the yolk and white together. Then, ferment the hair for 20 minutes once a week. Or, you can add olive oil to it as this will help increase the efficiency of making hair softer. Try this for a few weeks and you’ll be amazed by the results.

6. Nourish your hair with a variety of oils.

Many shiny hair celebrities choose this method such as maintaining hair regularly with the various oils that are beneficial to hair, coconut oil that keeps hair soft, olive oil for shiny hair, and almond oil to keep hair healthy. Hair should be fermented with these oils about 1 hour before shampooing, do it 1-2 times a week. Just like this, your hair will be sleek and beautiful to envy.

7. Do not style your hair often.

Electric hair curlers, straighteners, hair dryers, or other hairstylers cause hair to be heated. It is the main factor that causes problems to your hair. So don’t let your hair be exposed to heat too often. Try to let the hair be your natural style. Otherwise, your hair roots and scalp will become so weak that you will need to restore.

8. Avoid using hot water on your hair.

Even if you feel cold, you should avoid using warm or hot water to wash your hair, as hot water can cause your hair to be shockingly dry. On the other hand, using cold water is more friendly to the hair. It also helps keep in moisture in the hair, making hair shiny and avoiding brittle and easily broken hair as well.

9. Let your hair dry naturally.

Using a hair dryer dries your hair a lot. Friendly advice, try to let your hair dry naturally. Also, you should not use a towel to wipe your head vigorously, as this will weaken the root of the hair and make it brittle. Just wipe it gently and let it dry.

10. Trim the ends of the hair often.

You might think that hair is just right, no need to cut or trim it again. But the truth is, you should trim your hair every month, especially women who have very long hair. You should trim hair one to two inches every 3-4 months to cut off the dry, damaged and dehydrated ends.

11. Make sure to protect your hair while swimming.

To all the girls who like to swim, the chlorine in the water can make your hair so damaged. It is best to wear a swimming cap when swimming. When coming up, hurry and wash your hair immediately.

12. Eat good and healthy food for your hair.
Do you know that good food can help nourish hair from within? Try to focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables to get important vitamins and minerals. Salmon or beans are good for hair as well as provide benefits for the body.

It’s not a surprise, isn’t it? For the fact that your hair doesn’t look as soft and gorgeous as you want, because if you still can’t take care of your hair in easy ways like this, then nothing will help restore your hair. Anyone who still takes care of your hair in the wrong way, please stop and change the behavior for your gorgeous hair.

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